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Stuart Hill

Stuart Hill holds the Foundation Chair of Social Ecology and Lifelong Learning at the University of Western Sydney and is the general editor of the journal Ecopolitics. He is co-author of Ecological Pioneers: a social history of ecological thought and action. 

'Ecological Pioneers'

Date: 10 am 30 May 2002 

Stuart Hill & Martin Mulligan will be at the Sydney Writers Festival 30 May 10 am in the Philamonic Choir space, to talk about their book "Ecological Pioneers". 

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Martin Mulligan

Martin Mulligan is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Social Ecology and Lifelong Learning at the University of Western Sydney, where he teaches subjects related to the history of ecological ideas, environmental values, environmental education, intercultural understanding and action, and organisational change.

Sydney Writers Festival 30 May
Writers Festival 30 May 10 am in the Philamonic Choir space

Sydney Philharmonia Choir (SPC) 
At Wharf 4/5, Hickson Rd Walsh Bay: 

'Fuzzy Logic' revolutionises problem-solving

'Fuzzy Logic' revolutionises problem-solving

Date: 03/04/2002

Two Australian academics have edited a new book that has the potential to dramatically change the way people look at information processing.

Vladimir Dimitrov from the University of Western Sydney and Victor Korotkich from Central Queensland University, have edited 'Fuzzy Logic: A Framework for the New Millennium' (Heidelberg and New York: Springer-Verlag, 2002).


Dr Dimitrov believes fuzzy logic opens a "new challenging perspective in information processing".

"This perspective emerges out of the ideas of the founder of fuzzy logic, Lotfi Zadeh, to develop 'soft' tools for direct computing with human perceptions," he says.

The papers included in the book focus on the knowledge and experience of the researchers in relation both to the engineering applications of 'soft' (fuzz logic based) computing and to its social and philosophical implications at the dawn of the third millennium..

"A new branch of human-centred research called social fuzziology has been brought into life to respond to the multiple challenges of today's ever-accelerating social complexity," Dr Dimitrov says

Fuzziology is the study of the sources, the nature and the dynamics of uncertainty (fuzziness) inherent in human understanding and dealing with complex systems, be they natural or artificial, real or virtual.

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For more information please contact Dr Dimitrov on 4570 1903 or email v.dimitrov@uws.edu.au

"Social Ecology is... the interconnectedness of everything" pvk&jz



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