2 dreams
the main one is below
Saddam pulls wool over eyes of world ~
and a second minor one about Saddams secret weapon "sand".

I saw them grinding sand into smaller and smaller particles and this sand got into all the coalition tanks and machines and ground them to a halt. Naturally I thought this silly but sandstorms already played a crucial role in slowing down the coalition.

Saturday 22nd March 2003 3.09 AM. I woke up from dreaming to write :
Saddam pulls wool over eyes of world.
Now he takes off his sheepskin to reveal we are in the wolves' lair.
"Oh my god, it is Waco all over again. Baghdad is about to be sacrificed - the invasion is a trap - we are going to march in and Saddam will blow up Baghdad troops people and all."

I don't mean to be alarmist, it was a dream.
Let's hope his weapons of mass destruction are not that big.

"He has no foresight, he cannot think.
Bush is plunging the world into a holocaust."

Nelson Mandela.

The way I see it.
1. In some parts of the world Saddam is being elevated to super-hero and defender of the Arab Muslim Nations - standing up against the evil America.

2. If Saddam gets the chance he will destroy Baghdad, "Worlds Biggest Suicide" will transform Baghdad into the greatest sacrifice imaginable - and all terrorists will be in awe.

3. Saddam will not only win the war, but will carry the torch of Sept 11 and become a beacon of light for his followers - BUT MORE THAN THAT
-he'll bust wide open the heart of every single man woman and child on the planet. The SHOCK will bring us to our knees, even Bush Blair and Howard.

This will be the moment of change,
the crossroads,
as the conjunction of
myth and history
We can continue on colliding
take a new path.

A new path = a glimmer of hope <----> the same path = more of the same.

The only suggestion I have is to tell America to
I'm not alone, France Germany and Russia agree.

We make the world as we live.
The path is made as we walk.
The future is in front of us.
We can walk a different path.

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
Mohandas Gandhi

"GIVEN NO CHOICE" Saddam and his men will choose an honourable death and to stretch the truth - see the light - after all, the protests aren't doing his ego any harm - Saddam sacrifices himself and Baghdad for the glory fixing in one act redeeming his whole ugly life... to end up a hero and martyr.

UPDATE WEDNESDAY March 26th BBC COMMENT - I just caught the tail end of an interview of John Simpson BBC.

"Saddam will go down with the worlds biggest suicide bomber making sure he takes as many lives with him when he goes" JOHN SIMPSON BBC
John Simpson is the BBC's World Affairs Editor, the senior member of a team of London-based foreign and specialist correspondents.

In a BBC career spanning more than 30 years - he joined as a trainee journalist in 1966 - John has earned a reputation as one of the world's most experienced and authoritative journalists.

He has reported from more than 100 countries across the globe, from 30 war zones and has interviewed numerous world leaders.


UPDATE  Tuesday April 1 Channel 9 ACA Ray Martin Sydney 6.30

Describing Saddams underground tunnels Dr Sherizani says "Saddam will ring the city - encircle it with whatever weapons he has - like VX, which is a very potent nerve gas around Baghdad."

"But allied troops have their chemical and biological suits so any use of the weapons will really only impact on the Iraqi people?" questions the TV presenter Ray Martin.

"The intention of the regime is to inflect the heaviest possible civilian casualties so that the world shows extreme concern and tries to stop this war that is causing such high civilian casualties, and if he can stop the war he will have consider himself to have won it, because winning for Saddam means staying alive and in control of Baghdad regardless how many Iraqis have been killed or what destruction has befallen the country."   

Dr Sherizani.
UPDATE - Sunday the 23rd.

Elevated to Martyr Saddam becomes more powerful.

It's a scary thought - to scary to think - America isn't going to allow that to happen but it is a possible scenario.

Just as America has succumbed to being forced into a war, Saddams defiant pride would never consider defeat and so a condition of NO CHOICE was established.

Two worlds opposite polarities mirroring and reflecting, casting shadows and denials with millions of people in the balance.

force meets immovable object.

America has positioned herself into a corner and without the necessary diplomatic dialogue cannot communicate an alternative.

And so in the American way and with bravado... they MUST go in the only direction they can - forward -
THUS allowing Americans the same privilege of NO CHOICE.

Now they can put on the good guys Mask - the white hat - go in and save and be heroes.
The MASK allows the condition of no choice to exist = blameless = no responsibility = no guilt = no light and consequently no awareness.

Unaware of the archetypal roles that are at play, they cannot see the big picture -- in this sense they are blind -- as Bush said, "We haven't done anything" - his Mask is in complete denial. The light of awareness is missing. Without light you cannot see the shadow you cast upon the world... and everyone sees it but you.

Polarized, frozen America is fixed unable to change.

Whatever they would like us to believe, it's all very dark as they plunge is into the only way they know... more darkness.

A defiant Saddam threatens,
"The American fools have rushed in and unwittingly have unleashed hell".

I thought he was talking about terrorism in the world ? BUT Saddam is waiting in Baghdad, that's where the war will be fought, and that's Saddams last and perfect chance to use his weapons of mass destruction that America says he has - if he has them he is saving them - maybe he is waiting - which is straight out of a hollywood movie to stop that THAT button being pushed - literally - cause "they" (even if Saddam is dead) they are all talking about Baghdad being hell.
It's not a reference to terrorist retaliation in the world - they threat to take Baghdad with them... the ultimate terrorist act, the worlds biggest suicide bomb.
And our fate is down to 2 men
Who will be the greater hero
Bush or Saddam



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