UPDATE Sunday 30th March

The terror has come to force us to understand.

The great sacrifices are there to open our hearts and allow the heart too feel the feelings that are to hard to bare,

Yet it would seem to take the force of an atomic bomb to open our hearts to make the sort of change needed.

And so we must feel - as the terrorist forces us - and he will continue to do his job - until we do change.
It is not the terrorist we fear - it is change.

I've been flittering around the understanding that I have just now seen under the shower... something to do with water falling. "I look at life biased through the eyes of mythology"... archetypal characters acting out in todays arena without the realization how to play their role in this our great Shakespearian play.

And that's the whole point. If we knew what our urges were that drives us to do what we do, we might be able to do something different and change the path of history -- since war is the path of history -- as a recent soldier said on this Iraq war, "it's always been and will always be" -- quite the truth for a soldier and a soldiers way of thinking. Problematic thinking for where the role of peace fits in.

Mahatma Ghandi,
John Lennon,
President John F Kennedy
Martin Luther King and untold more...
have all died and left the world the legacy of who they were, what they believed in and their right to be themselves.

They share the assasinations bullet, they died unexpectedly, a world of people simultaneously opened their hearts and their gift was felt.

The gift of feeling is what distinguishes us as human and is the common shared value that makes a humane society.
The idea of 'sacrifice' in our shared common myths has always brought about deep pain, but the aftermath is an opening of the heart caused by this 'pain'. It is apparent but unfortunate that this is an overriding pattern but nonetheless it works... everytime. Tried and proven, repeatable technology.

September 11 changed the coarse of history by bringing the deep feelings of rage and anger to America.
People that are being persecuted around the world know these feelings and have to live with them everyday - it would be like living in hell - us westerners do not go anywhere near these feelings, except via the TV... but we can switch that off. There is no comparison.

Throughout history and mythology the sacrifice is for the better good. Our soldiers are asked to die for us, to sacrifice their lives so we can be free. Including being free from feeling all those feelings that are too hard to bare. Bush vows to keep the fight 'over there' and 'not in America' yet the terrorist has no boundaries and wants to bring us the  'feelings' that are too hard to bare.
The gift of feeling is what distinguishes us as human
and is the common shared value that makes a humane society.
Perhaps we need to feel these feelings to appreciate their plight since we are doing so affluently well.

"It's not our fault that they see we are wealthy and get jealous and want to kill us". Well not really, this is a pretty shallow viewpoint, but in another sense we do flaunt our sexuality, and apparently they have problem with it. Well it's their responsibility for watching and they can switch it off. How I got onto television I don't know but it does show we share some responsibility having broadcast the film that someone in Bin Laden band saw - of planes going into a high rise - and thought hmm.. good idea.

It came from Hollywood and I saw it a few weeks after September 11 - it was B & W 50's spoof.. and it even explained the steel would melt from the airliners burning fuel.

Just one small tiny example of how we are all connected in some way, and all the little connections make the web of life, that we are collectively responsible for called humanity.

Of coarse, In Australia we have missed out completely of any first hand experience on our soil and have no idea what these feelings feel like relentlessly day in and day out.

So to the dream reflection.
I see now that my dream was about a sacrifice that was 'the big one' that as tragic as it could be, would open the hearts and minds of the people of the world enough to change the coarse of history and choose a different path. It would be up to the leaders of the world to open their hearts enough to embrace their enemy inside -- their hidden lost and forgotten feelings that allow them to 'understand' what the leaders of the terrorists actually want. A much deeper understanding. The terror has come to force us to understand. The problematic area here is once a terrorist always a terrorist since until he has terrorized he has not done his job which includes dyeing.

But everyone one has their price, and I'm not talking about money, but freedom. Freedom starts from within anyway, and moves out in ever-spiraling directions.

One thing is for sure - the history of war is a path that we don't need to continue walking down... until someone forces us to - and that's the oxymoron - force begets force - and so the only real solution...
only love has the power to change everything.
Only love has the power to change everything.



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