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Ocean Power Delivery OPD
Pelamis Wave Energy Converters


The Pelamis (named after a sea-snake), under development by Ocean Power Delivery Ltd in Scotland, is a series of cylindrical segments connected by hinged joints. As waves run down the length of the device and actuate the joints, hydraulic cylinders incorporated in the joints pump oil to drive a hydraulic motor via an energy-smoothing system. Electricity generated in each joint is transmitted to shore by a common sub-sea cable. The slack-moored device will be around 130m long and 3.5m in diameter. The Pelamis is intended for general deployment offshore and is designed to use technology already available in the offshore industry. The full-scale version has a continuously rated power output of 0.75MW. Currently a one-seventh-scale prototype is being prepared for deployment in 2001.

That was then, and this is now.
Looks like the Lochness Monster.

Ocean Power Delivery secure first order for Pelamis Wave Energy Converters

The contract for the fabrication of the main tubes for the three Pelamis machines, intended for Portuguese project, has been awarded.  The twelve tube sections will be constructed at the Arnish manufacturing site, on the Isle of Lewis by the Scottish company Camcal.

OPD announces the signing of an order with a Portuguese consortium, led by Enersis, to build the first phase of the world's first commercial wave-farm.

The initial phase will consist of three Pelamis P-750 machines located 5km off the Portuguese coast, near Póvoa de Varim.  The €8m project will have an installed capacity of 2.25MW, and is expected to meet the average electricity demand of more than 1,500 Portuguese households. 

Subject to the satisfactory performance of the first stage, an order for a further 30 Pelamis machines (20MW) is anticipated.

Premier Morris Iemma, Minister Frank Sartor, Senator Ian Campbell.
The commitment to time and expenditure burdens the availability of sustainability.

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