Think about Sun!


I asked Sun

"Why do we suffer? Why can't we always be happy, always with smiles on our faces, always with joy in our hearts, with warmth and love to each other?"

Sun looked at me friendly, kissed my face with his golden rays, and told me:

"One of the reason you suffer is because you have forgotten me. You suffer because instead of being grateful to me, you are often angry with me - you blame me that I am too hot or too bright, that I am burning your faces and bodies, that I'm causing horrible diseases in you... You have forgotten that your existence on this planet is because of me.

Yes, there are moments when some of you physically enjoy my warmth and light. I know that children like me... But now I am not talking about that physical enjoyment. Moreover, this kind of enjoyment is not safe any more. Your crazy drive for technological advancement has created fatal damages in the life of your planet - some of my rays can't meet those vital filters in the atmosphere that have been created to protect you. You have destroyed them. And started to blame my radiation instead of blaming your addiction to the drugs of life-killing technologies.

My dear people of Earth, your brain is full of many thoughts you wrongly consider significant: how to get more possessions, how to earn more money, how to better satisfy your never-ceasing desires for pleasure. Some of you permanently dream about fame and glory, others - for power and richness, for physical strength and beauty to attract partners, for education in science and technology to get prosperous jobs...

You have no time to think about me. You say: "To think about sun? What for?"

That is why so dear to me are those who find quiet moments for contemplation about me, those who find quiet moments to relax sitting or laying under the cool shadow of a tree, gently turning faces towards me. Often they do this early in the morning when I am rising up or late in the day when I am setting down. They close their eyes and I give them my kind caress and tender kiss. Plus a vital energy. Yes, I energise their bodies and minds and wake up in their hearts wonderful feelings of Unity and Love. Through me they easily become connected with Life of the Whole Universe. And believe me, this connection has a magic power - it inevitably brings forth thoughts of Wisdom, thoughts of Compassion, thoughts of Immortality..."


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