I'll Be With You, I Promise!

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"It is wonderful to know that you always appear, my dearest Sun. When I am saying to you 'goodbye' late in the day, I know I'll see you tomorrow again. And this makes me feel good. You'll never leave me - till my last day here on the Earth, you'll be with me! Friends and relatives will come and go, you'll stay close as a devoted lover - full of power, of generosity, of tenderness...
Will you be with me for ever? Or when the death closes my eyes, I'll never see you again? "

"You want me to be with you for ever, don't you?

"Yes, I WANT! And I'll do all what you ask me to do in order not to lose you, and to deserve your sympathy and love, your life sustaining breath, your glorious and all-pervading luminosity for ever..."

"You, humans, are gifted by a magic quality - when you passionately want something to happen, with all your mind and heart and soul - sincerely, openly, honestly - IT HAPPENS! I admire this quality of you. The power of your will is really inexhaustible. The universal forces, including me, we cannot help but support this adamantine will. Could you believe what a gigantic power you, people, possess!

When the ancient people of Egypt decided to build the pyramids, no force could stop them. When the ancient habitants of the Easter Island decided to move and lift all those incredibly huge and heavy stones for their unique sculptures, no physical law could impede their decision. You wonder how they did this. You say: "They had no access to our powerful technology - no transport machinery, no lasers, no nuclear power. How they did it?"

They did it exactly because they had no your technology, my son! They didn't depend much on something which is outside them, as you do most of the time. They depended on themselves - on the power of their inner nature, on the establishment of those subtle channels for contact and transmission of power directly from the energy treasures of the universe!

When you depend on something outside you, you inevitably lose your concentration. The lost of concentration makes your ability for creation to dissipate. When you depend very much on your car to move from place to place, your legs become week and start to suffer. When you stop exercising the power of your intellect and the power of your will, and start strongly to depend instead on the help of various kinds of sophisticated intelligent machines, computers and advisers, your creative ability to think and to use the power of YOUR OWN thoughts and emotions diminishes. You know that every dependence is a misery, and those who are strengthening their dependence are simply propelling their own misery...

When you depend on yourself in exploring and experiencing the self-energising power of your mind and soul, your will and emotions, your inspiration and intuition, then there is no end of your creative potential, my dearest citizens of the planet of Earth, no end at all! Then, if you want to have me as your everlasting companion and inspirer of your accomplishments and fulfilments, I'll be with you, I promise!"

Thus spoke to me Sun, when slowly disappearing behind the covered by blossoming eucalyptuses hills of the Blue Mountains, westwards from Sydney.


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