The Power of Meditation

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"Believe me, Sun, I want very much, with all my heart and soul, to stay and walk always on the Way of Light and Wisdom, and yet it happens so often when I fall out of It. A harsh word said to somebody, a stupid act of behaviour, a drive towards an ego-centred achievement, a thirst for recognition and respect by others, a strive for possession - and I am miles away from your Light and Wisdom... I know you will repeat to me to that I must be aware of each act, of each word of mine, of each feeling... But such a permanent awareness is so difficult to have. Why?"

It was no Sun at the sky. All the day was raining. I was listening to the song of rain drops and this song gradually brought to me the words of Sun:

"I know that it is difficult for humans to be aware of their feelings, words and acts in every moment. I know, my son. That is why I want you to keep touch WITH ME. When you are alone, open the palms of your hands towards sky or towards me, if you see me there, and take my warmth and light in. Early in the morning, when I am not so hot, take your shirt off and let my rays kiss the area of your chest where the solar plexus is. You will feel peace coming to your mind and heart. Keep this peace inside you and stay relaxed. The awareness comes easily when your mind and heart are calm. You start to distinguish every single thought and feeling. Then you stop to act stupidly, stop to hurt anybody, stop to strive for possession, recognition and respect from others. You don't need all this. YOU HAVE ME AS YOUR FRIEND, as your supporter, as your adviser, as your protector...

Remember that I am always with you. Just think about me before doing something or responding to somebody and, even if you are unable to see me, you'll feel my presence. I'm sure you will! And I'll help you to be aware of what you feel and think, of what you are going to say, and of what you are deciding to do."


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