Hymn of Love

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"To-day was a beautiful day, Sun! I felt your energy flowing through my body, passing through the green softness of the young grass I was laying on. Then penetrating into the hardness of the old soil and mixing with the full of saps energy flow of the trees that were just awakening from their long winter sleep, and with the charming tender smile of the white spring flowers...We all were expressing gratitude to you, my shining Brother! We were drinking in the sparkling nectar of your gold rays, when suddenly a thunderbolt of Love shook all of us at the same moment. Ah, how blissful was this moment, Sun! We all, together with your glorious light, melted in a huge fulgent ball full of LOVE - all-embracing, all-pervading, all-inflaming Love! Did you create this miracle specially for us, my omnipotent Friend?"

The answer came to me when it was already dark outside, I was sitting in my room and writing some philosophy about complexity of life:

"Philosophy is good for thinking. For experiencing life every philosophy is needless. Thinking is not experiencing, you know this, don't you? Thinking is always about the past or the future. It is never about this very moment. This very moment is not a thought, this very moment is a direct experience. It is experience of the very existence. Nay, it IS existence! And the EXISTENCE IS LOVE.

Love is not thinking, not philosophising. Those who think too much about love or think that they love, cannot love at all. Of course, they can make sex, thinking that it is love. And mesmerising themselves, and playing games, and telling lies to others...Most often sex is experience of pleasure, or expression of different motives, intentions and thoughts.

Love is not simply a pleasure. Love is not expression of intentions and thoughts. Love is not thinking. The thought stops when you experience love. The moment of love does not obey time - it is a timeless moment. The present suddenly becomes eternity. Maybe something like this what you have experienced to-day.

I was not creating any specific miracle. It could be Love that injected in you the feelings of wholeness - you told me you felt to-day that you and me, and the sky, and the trees, and the grass, and the flowers - all had become at-one: an all-pervading mystic luminosity of Love. Did you grasp that you were not different from the existence - that you were organically one with it. And if a flower was in blossom, it was not separated from you. You had blossomed in the flower, and the flower had become conscious in you. I and the sky and the stars - they were one with you at the moment of love.

The whole universe goes within you in such a moment, and the whole of you becomes the universe. Then YOU ARE THE EXISTENCE. There is no fear and there is no death for you. The fountain of love is sweetly and powerfully emitting from you. YOU CANNOT DO ANYTHING EXCEPT LOVE."

The words of Sun sounded like a solemn music in my ears, like a religeous hymn, like that incredibly powerful finale of the Ode of Joy of Beethoven. And my heart immersed in Love again...


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