You Have a Light to Give!

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"Sometimes negative thoughts come into my mind and I start to think extremely critically about others, and become angry with what they do and what they have done, and become nervous and upset and anxious... I know that every negative thought is an irreversible loss of precious vital energy. I know this very well, Sun! And I also know that critics never help, that negative thinking brings forth only suffering... I know this, and yet I cannot stop negative thoughts to arise again and again. Believe me, my shining Brother, I WANT TO LOVE EVERY HUMAN BEING, EVERY SINGLE CREATURE! I really want! I don't want to be angry with anybody in the Universe, I don't! I want to have my brain and heart full of ideas and feelings that are good, helpful and loving! Not to judge, not to blame, not to be angry or intolerant...Please, tell me, how to eradicate once for ever all those negative thoughts and feelings from myself, please tell me, SUN!"

"Be calm, my passionate brother, cool your burning mind! And listen carefully: YOU ARE AN ESPECIALLY DESIGNED CREATION, YOU HAVE A PARTICULAR MISSION, YOU HAVE A LIGHT TO GIVE, A WORK TO DO THAT NO OTHER CAN GIVE OR ACCOMPLISH! Do you understand this? You are responsible for what you do, for what you feel and think, and for what you say - YOU! You must know that as you act in a good way, as you radiate positive feelings and thoughts, as you say good words, YOU LIFT THE WHOLE WORLD WITH YOU, for as you tread the path of goodness it becomes plainer for your fellow-people. Do not betray them!

Weary of crawling in the dust of the earth, your sisters and brothers yearn to fly. Keep alive in them the urge to rise upon the present limitations! The only way to do this is with tolerance, tenderness, compassion and LOVE. I don't want to see your face angry or sad! I need your smiling eyes and cheerful voice. And not only I - all humanity, the entire universe is benefited and raised by every good, positive and constructive thought, feeling, spoken word and action sent out by YOU! Remember this! I shall watch you."


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