We All Are Immortal!

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"Tell me about immortality, Sun. What is immortality? Does it exist? Science denies immortality. People say that even you - the most powerful source of energy, will die one day - you'll simply stop to radiate warmth and light..."

Sun looked at me behind the clouds and asked the wind to pass to me his whisper:

"Immortality! What a beautiful word! The humans must love this word. It is so inspiring, so elevating...

Of course, I'll stop to shine one day, my son. And your planet will become like a moon - no plants, no animals, no humans - only rocks and craters and dust...

But don't be sad. Remember, we all are immortal!. There is no end of the energy supporting life in the universe. It is self-creating, self-organizing, self-supporting energy. An end has never been and will never be. There are many forms through which energy expresses itself. Physical form is only one of them. There are many dimensions of existence. And humans exist in all those dimensions in parallel. Could you imagine this? And in every dimension there is a projection of a SUN like me - as a centre, as a focal point, as a life-generating force.

When you stop to be in the dimensions of time and space, where you are now, you continue to be in other dimensions. It is so simple! In quantum physics they started to reveal already some of the secrets of multi-dimensionality. The logic of human brain resists to grasp these ideas. But when the logic rests, heart easily feels other worlds than ours. And when you sleep, you can often see yourself in other dimensions. Tell me your dream last night. Do you remember it? Do you remember when you woke up in the night, how quick was your heart, how sweat was your body, how frequent was your breath! You were running or fighting in another space, in another dimension, my son, do you remember? And your physical body reacted in the same way as it reacts when you are running or fighting during the day.


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