Way to Harmony

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"When I feel in union with you, my powerful Brother, I am the happiest creature in the world. Through you I feel connected directly with the Centre of Existence of Universal Life. This feeling makes me so happy that I want to stay permanently in this blissful state - I don't want to go back to what we call 'every day life'. Is it possible to pass these blissful feelings of harmony into my human days and nights full of so many repetitive and disharmonious actions - often empty of meaning, delusive or causing pain?"

"Are you tired to be a human, my son? Don't you enjoy your contacts with others, your talks, your thoughts, your teaching?"

"I enjoy to be with you, Sun, you know this very well. I enjoy watching my thoughts to arise and disappear when your golden rays reach me through the blossoming branches of the trees. I enjoy hearing birds praising you in their joyful morning songs. I enjoy listening to the ocean waves sparklingly laughing under your pouring light, I..."

"Listen to me, please! You need more lessons, you need to learn more from your life on the Earth. You still make a lot of mistakes - I am watching you. It is easy to be with me. The challenge is to live in peace and harmony with yourself and with your sisters and brothers, ancestors and descendants. Any time when you feel intolerant to others or to yourself, or dissatisfied with what they or you are doing, or unhappy with what you see and heard, or sad about something, or angry with somebody's words or actions - this means only one thing: you need more lesson to learn. I am sure that you will be positive - calm, lovable and blissful when with me. My warmth and light bring peace and harmony. But I want you to be positive in any situation of your human life. Not indifferent, but positive - able to transform the seeds of negativity into flowers of benevolence, good will, love and joy.

All this unhappiness, dissatisfaction, tension, inadequacy, frantic efforts to seek excitements of various kinds are symptoms of inner disharmony and distortion present in your mind. Listen to me carefully: THE SHORTEST WAY TO INNER HARMONY IS THE WAY OF UNITY AND LOVE. Why is it so difficult for people to understand this? Your earthy life is so short - your days are fleeting, don't they? And you continue to kill your unity and love with angry and reproaching eyes, words, thoughts and actions.

Please, sing with me:

"This world and I - we have come out
of Unity and Love.
This world and I exist because
of Unity and Love.
This world and I dissolve together
in Unity and Love

And when being not with me in your noisy 'every day life' situations, try not to forget that your real nature is harmony, not sorrow, worry, depression, cravings, pain..


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