Greediness that kills

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I love you, Sun. I love your golden light glistening at the surface of the ocean..."

Often I climb a huge rock overlooking the ocean, sit peacefully on the edge of the rock with my eyes closed, enchanted by the stormy song of waves. Then the voice of Sun comes gently to me, together with His tender touch of rays sweetly embracing my face and body:

"Once upon a time, in Ancient Egypt, people were crazy on me, my son. They worshiped me in passion and ecstasy, as for them I was their omnipotent god Ra. So incredibly great and sincere were their Love and Devotion to me, that I decided to reveal to their spiritually most advanced people how to transform my energy into a thought-power able to create miracles...

I insisted those miracles to serve all - not only the priests and Pharaohs but all the people of Egypt. "Build a realm of harmony, wisdom and happiness for all! Use my light and warmth to create gardens abundant of fruits and flowers along the blue waters of Nile and the sea!" - I was telling them. Initially they followed my advice. But not for a long time. Gradually a limitless greediness pervaded the minds of priests, Pharaohs and their suite. You know very well that greediness always brings misery for many (who work hard) and abundance for few (who live in leisure). And gradually kills societies and civilisations...

Now I am very cautious before making a decision with whom to share the secrets of my life-creating power. It is not enough to proclaim in words that you are on the Way of Light and Wisdom, you must prove this in every single thought, in every single action, in every single movement of your soul..."


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