Free from Burden of Attachments

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"We read in the books of wisdom that the very nature of enjoyment is such that it tends to progressively increase in force each time the senses are indulged in; the habit easily gets people in its grip and drags them down. So called 'moderate enjoyment of life' is only a theory that is almost impossible to put into actual practice. What do you think, my luminous Brother?"

This time the answer of Sun came almost immediately:

"You know that your mind, intellect and reason fail when you are under the power of an intoxicant, don't you? Unfortunately, most of you - inhabitants of Earth, are permanently under the power of a very strong intoxicant. You know its name - attachment to the objects of desires. The objects of your desires never cease to emerge, and they keep your senses and mind in captivity. When senses and mind are in captivity, they stop to function properly. The eyes stop to see clearly, the ears stop to distinguish sounds, the sense of smell, and taste and touch lose their sharpness. The brain loses both its logical and intuitive abilities and stop to discriminate between true and false, between illusion and reality, between what is and what is not. The energy of your thoughts, of your feelings and of your body quite quickly dissipate in gaudy flashes of the momentary pleasures, mostly unintelligent, vulgar and animalistic...

There is a greater and much more blissful experience than those momentary pleasures. Of course, there is! And I am sure, you've had glimpses of this wonderful experience, when doing yoga or meditating together with me. You have already heard or read what is this that leads to that blissful experience - honest and passionate dedication to the goal of self-realization. To articulate this is not so difficult, but to grasp and practically realise is difficult, I agree. At the beginning, it needs a voluntary self-restraint from the burning objects of physical (material) attachment. It needs understanding the significance of this noble restraint, understanding that the senses are given for being utilised consciously and deliberately for the attainment of something altogether above and beyond the farthest reach of the senses. The aim is not the ultimate denial of the senses, but achievement, through the joy of the self-restraint and the power of your will, of a pleasure million fold greater than that achieved through mere satisfaction of desires...

I'll talk to you again - it's time for me to go.
I see the moon and stars - they're waiting to appear.
Good bye, my precious son, my sweet beloved and brother!"

"Good night, my loving SUN, and thank you for your Wisdom!"


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