Food Full of Sun

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This morning I was still in bed, when a sparkling ray of SUN fell on my face and passed to me this message:

"I know that you like to have a piece of fruit every morning, don't you? Do you know that when you eat the fruit, you drink in my radiation, my vibes, my energy? They are inside the fruit - it has absorbed them when slowly growing under my light and warmth day after day, week after week, month after month...And when the juice and tasty flesh of the fruit fills up your mouth, they immediately release my energy to charge your own energy sources: the bio-electrical 'battery' of your heart, the currents of your nerves, the rhythm of your brain waves. So I'm gradually 'dissolving' in you body, my dear man, keeping you alive, fit and healthy.

And this happens not only with fruits, but also with vegies and nuts and cereals, that you have at your table, and with the crystal clear water of the mountain springs that you, unfortunately, don't have any more at your table, and even with the milk and honey that you like so much. Through the green of grass and the colours and aroma of flowers, the caws and bees transform the gold of my rays into milk and honey. The wheat partly passes my energy in flour, then in bread - but just a little bit. The more processed and saturated with chemicals and additives the food, the less of my life-sustaining energy comes to you, you know this, don't you?

Have you heard the stories about those famous yogis in Himalayas who knew how to live directly on my energy? Could you believe? Even I who sees so many miracles in universe, consider this as an incredible achievement! In moments of deep spiritual mediation the yogis use the light of my radiation to synthesise food in their bodies. In a similar way as plants do in the process of photosynthesis! Must be a lot of physical and astral (mental and spiritual) practice in order to develop this. Who knows, maybe one day the scientists on Earth will reveal the secret of such a miraculous transformation...

Until then, enjoy my energy contained in the food that you, people of Earth, call natural. And feel my Light with every breath of you!"


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