Confluence, Not Only Friendship!

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"I'm thinking about the friendship, Sun. Is it possible to keep it alive all the life through? The start of each friendship is always promising - at the beginning there are so many things to share, so many interesting topics for discussion, so many nice things to do together. But sooner or later come the monotony of every-day events and the repetition of the same talks, the same debates...Then comes intolerance, and harsh words, and search for new friendship. And after a new friendship starts, the same story repeats again..."

The words of Sun came together with the joyful morning singing of birds.

"I am afraid that the Gospel of Friendship is not valid any more, my son. You live in time of almost unbearable competition - competition for better job, for higher income, for name and fame... Competition inevitably brings stress and conflict, intolerance and hatred, addiction to alcohol and drugs, infarcts and nervous breakdowns. It is hard for families to survive under these conditions. It is also hard for friendship to survive. What I have in mind is a true unconditional friendship. What you see to-day is 'friendship' based on "Now I'm doing a favour to you, but remember, next time will be your turn to do me a favour". This quid pro quo 'friendship' keeps together the criminals in their Mafia-type organizations.

People talk much about necessity of tolerance and dialogue, about friendship and love, about caring and sharing, but when the beautiful talks stop, one can hear only sighs and cries and screams of many who suffer from misunderstanding, loneliness, crime and despair.

Is it possible for you to say to somebody who is dear to you instead of "You are my friend", "You are MYSELF, you and I are the SAME, you and I are INSEPARABLE!". It is difficult, isn't it? This is the Gospel that people need to understand to-day. This is the Gospel that can save your world from destruction and death, do you understand? When you and she, when you and he, when you and they, when all of you and me - your Sun, when WE together with the whole universe became what WE REALLY ARE - ONE AND THE SAME LIVING SUBSTANCE AND SPIRIT, then Love will never end, never! Believe me!"


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