Bliss is Your Inner State!

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"Once I red in a book that no form of life is allowed to suffer through the actions of another. I can't understand this, SUN. Am I not allowed to suffer when somebody has caused a pain to me - either physically or with a cruel or offensive word?"

I waited quite a long for an answer. Maybe Sun was involved in dialogue with somebody else. Of course, I am not the only person who likes to contemplate under the rays of Sun...

"I don't want to see people suffering. And I like the idea that nobody is allowed to suffer through the actions of another.

The legal system in your society punishes those who cause physical pain to others, but is helpless towards people who cause emotional and mental agony in the life of others. And this happens much more often to-day, doesn't it? So, please listen to my advice: if somebody tries to hurt you, think about me! Or about the blueness and infinity of sky, or about the mountains you like to climb, or about the roses you like to smell, or about the seas and rivers you like to swim in... There are so many beautiful things to think about! Please, don't yield to those who want to make you suffer. They want to see your anger, your tears, your trembling figure, your spasm, your pain, your fear... Why should you show all these weaknesses to them? Please, don't do this, my son - you are not allowed to do this. It doesn't help at all! On the contrary, it takes plenty of vital energy from you, kills a lot of your living cells, inject poison in your blood, makes you sick, shortens your life...You don't deserve all this, do you?

Breathe deeply when the harsh words reach your ears. And try to smile inside. Remember, BLISS IS YOUR BASIC INNER STATE!. You were born to find this state and to enjoy it. It is impossible to stop people who have decided to hurt you. But it is possible for you not to accept this decision. Reject it! With calmness and dignity. With strength and serenity of mind. I am with you! Feel my warmth and light again and again. Bathe in the fountain of love of so many people to whom you are dear, who care for you and who want to see you happy. Then you'll understand immediately how wonderful is that no one is allowed to suffer from the action of another. No one!"


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