Six Wonderful Spiritual Attractors

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"I wonder, Sun: such a huge number of people live on our planet and so incredibly small is the number of attractors of human actions! We all are attracted to have and experience either Power or Pleasure or Love or Freedom or Knowledge or Longevity. And these are all the attractors of our never ceasing activity - only six! Even if our desires drive us towards more than one attractor, say both Power and Longevity, or both Pleasure and Love, or Freedom, Knowledge and Love, etc., even then the number of all possible combinations of attractors does not exceed 64. This is a tiny little number compared with the monstrous number of people's population, isn't it?

Of course, Power is manifested through many forms: physical force, money, possessions, social position, fame, - whatever the form, it always demonstrates Power. Pleasure also has many faces, but they all serve one and the same goal - to make us feel happy! I agree, Love is much richer than an ordinary pleasure - sometimes it makes us happy and sometimes it makes us cry, sometimes make us feel young and strong and sometimes - fragile and helpless. And it is clear that we all need Freedom and most of us strive for Knowledge and dream for never ending Life. What can you say about this, my gorgeous Friend, Brother and Parent"

So stormy was the ocean and so grey and impenetrable was the sky, that I had to become all ears in order not to miss the words of SUN:

"Your know what highest spiritual Self means, don't you? It is what every human being IS in his or her potentiality. It is what every human being strives to become in the process of his or her unique spiritual evolution. The highest spiritual Selves are inseparably connected into an unbreakable UNITY - they all are at-one, and that is why you strive for Love (Togetherness and Confluence) when in your physical bodies on the Earth. Your highest spiritual Selves experience a permanent BLISS, and that is why you strive for Pleasures (Happiness) in your human bodies. Your highest spiritual Selves are all IMMORTAL, they never die or decay, and that is why people want to live long. Your highest spiritual Selves are OMNIPOTENT - they can create every miracle you can see in your imagination, and that is why all of you desperately strive for Power in your earthy forms. And, of course, your highest Selves are OMNISCIENT and enjoy ABSOLUTE FREEDOM - that is why you are driven to Knowledge and Freedom. Do you follow me, my son?

Unfortunately, most of you don't know where to seek for the pathways leading towards the Light of the spiritual attractors. Most of you look for them in an entirely wrong place, in an entirely wrong manner. And because of this, you experience failure after failure, disappointment after disappointment, pain after pain... And yet, every failure opens your eyes a little bit more, every disappointment makes your will stronger, every pain serves as a lesson how to liberate your souls from that tangled web of desires leading towards the wrong attractors of material existence. Once liberated, you will easily learn how to discover and keep walking on your own paths to the true attractors of your spiritual essence. I'll pour all my generous Light on your unique ways to help you navigate safely and joyfully, I promise!"


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