Dr Vladimir Dimitrov

Cybernetician with PhD in Engineering Sciences (Engineering Cybernetics) and
DSc in Mathematics and Physics (Mathematical Cybernetics)

Dr Vladimir Dimitrov
A. Hoeivik

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are in the following fields of research:

* Complexity Paradigm: Social Perspective
* Fuzziology: Study of Fuzziness of Human Knowing
* Wholesome Ecology: Complexity and Health
* Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Autopoiesis
* Vedic Spirituality and Yoga

Designer and Course-coordinator of the first-in-the world Master-of-Art Program "Complexity, Chaos and Creativity" devoted to the study of social dimensions of the new paradigm of complexity and offered entirely through the world-wide-web by the University of Western Sydney, Australia.

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"I think the 21st century will be the century of complexity"
Stephen Hawking

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Offered through the Internet

University of Western Sydney

A. Hoeivik

This Masters Program introduces you to the powerful and exciting approaches of Complexity and Chaos Theory  that are indispensable for understanding  the complex and dynamic world of the 21st Century.

New insights, methods, concepts and strategies grounded in practical applications in a wide range of activities - in government, business, commerce, human and environmental health , are introduced through Internet to enhance your ability not only to think in complexity but also to cope creatively with critical social dynamics at the Edge of Chaos - a metaphor for the way our life unfolds at the beginning of the New Millennium.

The program is tailored to meet the needs of adult learners who wish to pursue postgraduate study on a part-time basis while remaining committed to professional and personal responsibilities.

For more information please contact Dr Dimitrov on 4570 1903 or email v.dimitrov@uws.edu.a

All who completed this program expressed great satisfaction with the studied material.
They found it inspirational and stimulating both in their growth in consciousness and realizations in work.

The program consists of 8 units:

* Introduction to Complexity, Chaos and Creativity,
* Techniques for Working with Social Complexity,
* Fuzzy Logic for Social Science and Humanist Research,
* Use of Narratology for Dealing with Social Complexity,
* Managing Organizations at the Edge of Chaos,
* Exploring Complex Dynamics of Human identity;
* Complexity, Spirituality and Ethics;
* Complexity, Chaos, Creativity Practicum.

Masters Program

University of Western Sydney



Vlad Dimitrov, PhD, DSc:  http://www.zulenet.com/VladimirDimitrov/
University of Western Sydney, Hawkesbury Campus
Locked Bag 1797, South Penrith DC 1797, Australia

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