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 Who Shall Ask Why?
Who is brave enough to look in the mirror?
It has been three weeks now since the events of September 11 and we are all getting over the shock and the realisation of the reality. New York and America is putting on a brave positive face and dealing with the realities facing them. But it is appropriate to now reflect, question and ask why?

When I was little I asked Why?
I must have drove them all nuts asking "why"
And slowly I realised there was always another "why".

Today the answer to "why" is met with "look at yourself, the answer is within"
or "look into the mirror and see what the reflection teaches"
And so I ask "why". 
Why did they do this. 
Why do they hate so.

It's not that I'm necessarily wanting a definitive answer
I'm just opening a dialog to enquire into their motives in view of the future.
Now that the initial shock is over I think America is wanting to deal with this very carefully and wisely in which case a dialog to talk about "why" is due.

Why did this happen?
Why do they hate us so?
What did we do to deserve such a reflection?

Whenever that truck, (you know the one in Terminator) smacks me right in the face and I'm ready to blame the truck for my misfortune... there's always someone with the bright idea that I need to learn a lesson from this -- learn that I've attracted the truck -- I needed to have the truck in my face, flatten me crush me, destroy me.. all for a good learning lesson -- a life lesson -- 'cause I deserved it! I deserved a wake up call -- it is a message from the universe -- something I should be grateful of to advance my soul along the pecking order of life.

America probably leads the way expounding the virtues of looking at oneself and accepting the responsibility that it is meant to be -- a lesson that I must learn to avoid the re-occurrence of the same. Then there's Gods' mysterious ways... it's meant to be! 

Is anyone looking?
Is anyone asking why?
Is anyone taking the responsibility for this spiritually?
Or is it all swept into the too hard basket and it's all just lip service designed to make money?
It's okay to believe when it suits you but when the reality smacks you right where it hurts you forget and blame. 

Now that time has passed we have a chance to reflect.

And so will we repeat the same forever until we accept responsibility that we have collectively caused and created the hate by our actions... I ask WHY? And have we done anything to deserve this - do we have anything to learn from this?

Surely I don't need to re-state all those teachings and awaken the spirit within.
Where are the teachers of spiritual awareness?
 S O C I A L    E C O L O G Y   E C L E C T I C 

Australia stands with America, Grieves with her And shares with her loss.




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