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Technology Universal TUPL
Technology Universal Pty Ltd (TUPL)

Intellectual property, design of test prototypes. 
Climate Change
Sydney Water Desalination for Kurnell
Electric Power for Australia
Technology Universal Pty Ltd has patents and inventions designed to produce electricity and fresh water headed by inventor Jolyon E. Nove with the focus on Climate Change and the future of Australia.

Mr Nove has prepared "A 50 YEAR PLAN OF ACTION TO MANAGE CLIMATE CHANGE IN AUSTRALIA" based on Multi Purpose Sustainable Complexes (MP-SC) and is able to deliver a very broad picture of the future of Australian electricity and water as we move into Climate Change and how we can best deal with it.

The main thrust of TUPL has been the Multi Purpose Sustainable Complexes MP-SC which utilizes seawater in a plurality cyclic process to produce electricity, desalinated water and other seawater related products.

Mr Nove has a new patentable invention claiming a far better solution for Sydney's desalination plant at Kurnell that will save Sydney about $0.95 billion in initial costs and in the range of $8-12 billion over a 25 year amortization period.

4th October 2005
Technology Universal Pty Ltd

"Mr. Nove, a Director of Technology Universal Pty Ltd, has now considered information that is available in the Public Domain of the actual adopted Kurnell Layout. He hopes that alternative tenders will eventually be considered. In his opinion a  totally sustainable and totally variable (but equivalent capacity) design can be built at about half the cost of the current proposal."
As this approach covers much of Australia's needs for sustainable water supply elsewhere, Mr Nove and officers from Technology Universal Pty Ltd have been invited to the Ministerial launch of the Low Emission Technology Demonstration Fund at Parliament House, Canberra on 11th October 2005.
Mr. Nove accepts that Kurnell will have little impact on overall Global man made Climate Change. However it can be very important for the impact from Global man made Climate Change in China and India. Mr. Nove sees room for a Joint Venture between Australian, Chinese and Indian interests with Australia having a leading role to play in intellectual property, design of test prototypes with much needed detailed design and production of component parts in India and China.
Mr. Nove feels it is wise to consider a 50 year Plan of Action to manage Man made Climate Change in Australia. He has prepared such a 50 year Plan of Action around sustainable electricity and water supply projects and submitted it to all Australian Governments.
Detailed Technical design is currently envisaged to be headed by the Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation."


TUPL's not so dark horses.

Premier Morris Iemma, Minister Frank Sartor, Senator Ian Campbell.
The commitment to time and expenditure burdens the availability of sustainability.

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